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Experience the most advanced performance tracking and user analytics features.

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    Measure channel performances- check where users are acquired from and find out ROIs of media spending.

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    Set your own KPIs, analyze your ad performance and app usage with audience and funnel analytics.

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    Postback measured and analyzed metrics to media to harness in ad execution, performance optimization, and run retargeting ads.

adbrix enables you to measure ad performance and analyze acquired users as you want.
Leverage your data to enhance your media execution and operation.
Media performance analysis for user acquisition

Analyze from which media users are acquired and which media is performing well.


Incorporate web and app branch landing pages and deeplinks into adbrix’s all-link to increase your ad performance.

Attribution modeling

Select and set priorities on attribution metrics to align with your media operation strategy.

Defend fraud traffic

Defend against fraudulent traffic that is distorting legitimate ad results and costing you money.

User analysis

Check key metrics’ performance through basic analysis. Or you can configure your personalized metrics for user behaviors and key KPIs.

Custom audience configuration

Set up your custom audiences to analyze them against your marketing strategies and secure insights by your marketing cycle.


Postback analyzed data to media for performance optimization and user retargeting. Or you can connect internal BI to internalize your data.

User based cross-device analytics

Analyze users no matter they are on web, app, or whatever devices. adbrix supports analytics feature based on users’ unique ID.

adbrix support SDK
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Enable data-driven decisions for all marketing actions!

IGAWorks builds the infrastructure for mobile app business across the full spectrum such as Marketing, User Acquisition, Attribution, Analytics, App Operation and Monetization.
Our goal is to create the ecosystem that Mobile App developer can only focus on your app service and contents.